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Rethinking application design

Mobile is not a trend, nor is it the future, it's the present.
We are a development agency born on mobile and already pioneering the upcoming connected world.

We are thinking mobile first design. We are thinking wearables. We are thinking internet of things.

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Solutions with elegance

In mathematics and physics, elegance means achieving complex tasks with efficiency and simplicity. We get straight to the point. User experience is everything. We encourage emergent behaviour.

a Collaborative process

We ensure transparency. We are highly responsive and agile. You'll be in direct contact with the makers. No clumsy mediator. No middle‑man. No outsourcing.

Synthesis of form and functionality

At Five Doors we put a huge emphasis on design. With one designer per programmer, we are 4 times the industry average.
We won't make do with one generic graphic theme. We will make several proposals, one after another, in accordance to your feedback until we find the perfect one.

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